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There are many great and inspirational books on coaching. Here are a few you may like to consider:

  • executive coaching book Executive coaching with backbone and heart: a systems approach to engaging leaders with their challenges, Mary Beth O'Neill (Jossey Bass Wiley 2000) - this is my favourite

  • Excellence in coaching, edited by Jonathan Passmore and covers all the different aproaches to coaching (Kogan Page)

  • Co-active coaching: new skills forn coaching people towards success in work and life, John Whitmore, Henry Kimsey-House, Phil Sandahl (Davies-Black Publishing 1998)

  • The art of possibility: transforming professional and personal life, Rosamund Scott Zander, Benjamin Zander (Penguin Books 2002)

  • The inner game of golf, Tim Gallwey (Pan books 2005)- or any of the inner game series

  • Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coaches' Coach, Myles Downey (Texere Publishing 2003)

  • coaching for performance Coaching for performance: growing people, performance and purpose, John Whitmore (Nicholas Brearley 2002)

  • Coaching: evoking excellence in others, James Flaherty (Butterworth-Heinemann 1998)

  • Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Porgramming, John O'Connor, John Seymour 1993)

  • Changing belief systems with NLP, Robert Dilts (Meta Publications 1990)

  • Magic of NLP demystified: a pragmatic guide to communication and change, Byron Lewis, Frank Pucelik (Metamorphous Press 1985)

  • The psychology of executive coaching: theory and application, Bruce Peltier (Brunner-Routledge 2002)

  • Games people play: the psychology of human relationships, Eric Berne (Penguin Books 1968)

  • People skills, Robert Bolton (Simon and Schuster Inc. 1986)

  • The reflecting glass: professional coaching for leadership development, Lucy West and Mike Milan (Pargrave MacMillian 2001)

  • Coaching for leadership: how the world's great coaches help leaders learn, Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Lyons and Alyssa Freas (Jossey Bass Wiley 2001)

  • concepts for coaching Concepts for coaching, Peter Hill (ILM 2004)

  • The life coaching handbook: the definite guide to the process, principles and skills of personal coaching, Curly Martin (Crown House Publishing 2001)

  • Time to think, Nancy Cline (Cassell illustrated 1998)

  • The coaching manual, Julie Starr (Pearson Education 2003)

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