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Coaching Executive Teams

How many teams really gel and work together well? How many are merely pulled together with little understanding or commitment to a common goal? We believe that with team work the whole should be greater than the individuals parts but often this isn't the case.

teamwork Some of the topics we may focus on in coaching executive teams include ensuring:

  • The whole team has a common understanding of the team's goals

  • A climate of trust exists between team members

  • Open and honest communication is encouraged across the team

  • A sense of belonging and pride in the team's accomplishments is fostered

  • Creativity and risk taking is encouraged

  • The team is constantly learning and improving itself

  • Procedures are developed (agreed) to diagnose, analyse and solve problems

  • Participative leadership is practised

  • Decisions are supported and made together

  • Diversity of ideas and opinions is encouraged

For new teams we may introduce the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing model of team building. It may also be appropriate to use the model for existing teams that aren't functioning well.

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