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management training Many organizations and senior executives use external coaches on a regular basis to improve their performance. However, the real strength of coaching is when it becomes embedded in the culture of an organization. When individual managers, at all levels, adopt a coaching approach to developing their people. I have noticed this particularly with the re-enforcement of training and changing of behaviours. Organizations where the managers can sustain the training past the classroom and in to the workplace gain both far better performance and employees who feel valued and, hence, less likely to leave.

Can anyone coach?

coaching The answer to this is effectively the same as the questions around whether anyone can manage or lead. Some will no doubt have natural traits that will make them more "natural" coaches. Others will have to apply more effort to becoming good coaches, but the benefits for the manager, their team and their organization are great.

To help organizations take the first steps in developing a coaching culture, we have developed a 2-day interactive workshop that teaches the basic theory of coaching with lots of time to actually try out coaching with your colleagues. As usual, our coaching workshops are tailored to an individual company's requirements and built with relevant case studies and examples to re-enforce the learning. By the end of the programme, participants will have:

  • Clarity of what coaching is (and isn't)
  • How coaching can be used to improve performance
  • Learned and practised a core coaching model
  • Identified how coaching and mentoring could be applied in their organisation to improve all round effectiveness

An example workshop would include:

  • Coaching - core principles
  • An overview of key skills
  • How coaching works
  • A model for coaching - GROW
  • Practice and application of coaching at work

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