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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on top level executives to bring the most from the strategies and how they implement them with their team. Executive coaching can be geared towards onboarding the executive during his or her transition into a new environment, guiding the executive through an organizational change, such as a merger or restructuring, or training the executive to employ a new skill set.

Areas where coaching may be specifically beneficial are:

  • Leading Change - executives leading change management programs often require coaching to help them address their own issues that are often lost in the bigger program.

  • The First 50 Days - helping executive new to the role focus on their priorities and making the right impact in the first 50 days.

  • The Isolation at Board Level - all executives need an independent, confidential sounding board, and coaching is a good way of providing such support.

  • Talent Management - building the people identified as future leaders of the organization.

coachingAnother way to look at executive coaching, is to consider the types of coaching that an executive may require, namely:

  • Coaching for skills - helps the executive learn specific skills, abilities and perspectives over a period of several weeks or months. The skills to be learned are usually clear at the outset and are typically related to skills associated with an executive assuming new or different responsibilities.

  • Coaching for performance - focuses on the executive's effectiveness in his or her current position. Frequently it involves coaching for one or more management or leadership competencies, such as communicating vision, team building or delegation.

  • Coaching for development - refers to coaching interventions that explore and enhance the executive's competencies and characteristics required for a future job or role. It can be associated with outplacements, restructuring and re-engineering in the organization.

  • Coaching for the executive's agenda - generally entails working with an executive on any personal or organizational concerns he or she may have. It can focus on issues surrounding the executive, such as change and company downsizing. Personal issues are more likely to arise in this type of coaching.

Executive coaches can also work with training managers to formalize coaching in their leadership roles and become the "manager as coach"

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