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Executive Coaching Services

Performance Oriented Coaching


facilitation Our assignment will often start with a request for us to run a workshop for a team (either at board level, or at a functional level e.g. sales manager). This could be a workshop around Organizational Development (OD), routes to market for new products, problem solving or just gaining agreement on a common set of goals.

Our role at this time is to

  • Act as an independent sounding board

  • Chair the meeting to ensure the group stays on topic

  • Question conventional wisdom, challenge their beliefs and how they do things

  • Ensure all voices are heard

  • Observe how the team interacts - this often leads to other coaching assignments

This approach allows the actual leader to step back into a less directive role and observe the interactions between the team members. Although politics will always be present, this format tends to reduce the impact of politics. These sessions are often run as part of an away weekend where people are out of their personal environment and so may be more creative and more open to change.

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