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team-coaching-model The role of the executive team coach is very different to that of the one-to-one coach. While the latter may help bring into focus the network of intra-team relationships - line manager, colleagues and key stakeholders outside the team - the team coach has to facilitate the open and often simultaneous interaction between all of these parties, often against a background of open or hidden conflict.

Where the team coach is also the team leader, it can be very difficult to rise above these interconnections. The coach in this situation has to rise above the team, taking an independent and objective perspective, while at the same time recognising his or her own needs for personal change and his or her own direct and indirect influence on the issues the team faces. If the team regards the leader as a major part of the problem, then his or her capacity to resolve the problem in a coaching style may be significantly reduced. Hence the reason for the use of independent coaches in the team environment.

We have divided the section into two topics, that can either stand alone or be used in conjunction with one another:

  • Coaching Executive Teams - getting to the heart of the purpose of the team, its modus operandi and how success is measured.

  • Facilitation - often used at board level to work through a specific issue or challenge, where an independent facilitator may be necessary.

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