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How did I get talked into this?

coaching video I like to think I am an intelligent man, with some pride and self esteem. So when someone calls me and says would you do a coaching video for us, why would I say yes? Even worse when I get down to the offices, there is a director, cameraman, lighting guy and a real actor to play the salesman to my sales manager. And then they say here is the script, and by the way the actor has already learned his lines!

So I have just edited a clip from the videos (oh they forgot to mention they wanted me to do three). This is not best practice, but just a bit of fun at my expense. Don't worry the real coaching doesn't go like this!

In the video John, the sales manager, gets into a bit of trouble by approaching Ed, the salesman, in the wrong way - how would you have approached the situation?

[Click here for movie]

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